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Founder-friendly Oslo based VC investing in B2B SaaS startups with comprehensive accelerator support.

Our portfolio companies

We are MRR beasts

We have generated 40m NOK (3m€) in MRR, or 0.5B NOK (50m€) in ARR, creating significant value in thriving SaaS companies.







Early stage B2B SAAS

We propel B2B SaaS startups with early-stage investments and our unique hybrid model, combining incubator, accelerator, and scale-up services. We offer training, expertise, financing, and network access, driving measurable growth, and generating 0.5b NOK (€50m) in ARR to date.

Our story

13 Mar, 2020

Supersonic founded

Supersonic, a visionary VC fund, embarked on its journey to revolutionize the startup landscape by identifying and nurturing innovative businesses. With a keen eye for potential and a commitment to empowering promising entrepreneurs, Supersonic quickly established itself as a catalyst for growth and success, fostering the next generation of industry disruptors.

30 Mar, 2020

First investment

Supersonic made its first strategic investment in Flextribe, a promising and innovative startup. Recognizing the potential in Flextribe's unique approach and vision, Supersonic provided not only the necessary capital but also invaluable guidance and resources. This milestone investment marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership that would propel Flextribe towards accelerated growth and success in their industry.

12 Sept, 2023

Boom fund 2

Following the success of the first fund, Supersonic launched its second fund aimed at nurturing innovation and growth in a new generation of startups. Leveraging insights from the inaugural fund, the second fund refined its investment strategy to capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities across various sectors. At the heart of this endeavor, Supersonic's dedication to empowering entrepreneurs and catalyzing positive change remained steadfast. The team focused on identifying and supporting tomorrow's game-changers, amplifying their impact and assisting them in realizing their full potential.

Our portifolio



Our VC firm has played a pivotal role in Flextribe's growth and success. We have not only helped them achieve a remarkable 10x increase in revenue but also streamlined their internal processes, making their operations more efficient and effective.

Additionally, our strategic investment in Flextribe has provided them with the necessary capital to expand and innovate, further solidifying their position in the market. Together, these contributions have enabled Flextribe to thrive and continue making a positive impact on their industry.

The team

Managing Partner

Mark Boje Jensen

Serial entrepreneur with large exits, gone business angel and now VC. Mark brings a refreshing new thought process and investment strategy into the VC space.


Daniel Bekken

Former IT specialist, with both hardware and software experience. Consultant and manager in Norwegian telecom the last 6 years.


Thomas Johansson

Former experienced managing stockbroker and trader with experience from structured products, financing, issuance of bonds to coaching of broker teams.


Nicolas Gronslet

8+ yrs in sales/consulting, 5 yrs in infrastructure/telecom. Hands-on experience from scaling tel-cos, managed sales & H&R


Oddbjørn Rogne

Former entrepreneur with experience from the Norwegian real estate & construction industry. Also a seasoned consultant within Norwegian telecom.

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